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History of Red Siren

Kristin Massey and Robert Haas formed Red Siren in 1988. The group name was originally, Siren, based on Kristin’s original Chicago-based band, Sirenz.

The duo was simultaneously courted by the Warner Bros. and Mercury/Polygram record labels. After several meetings with both labels, Massey and Haas decided to sign with Mercury/Polygram, primarily because the label was home to their favorite group at the time, Def Leppard.

Kristin and Robert began pre-production for their album at their own private recording studio located in midtown Manhattan with British co-producer, Mike Howlett (A Flock of Seagulls). Using Robert’s Synclavier® Digital Workstation, they created the basic tracks for the album.

Tri-Coastal Recording Sessions

NRG StudioThe duo left their private New York studio and headed to Los Angeles to record additional tracks, first at NRG Studios in North Hollywood and then at Secret Sound Studios in Woodland Hills. Once all vocals and instrument tracks had been completed, they mixed the album in Chicago, where they kept a second home and recording studio. The album came to fruition after a peripatetic East-Coast/West-Coast/Mid-Coast effort.

Making History: The First Direct-To-Disk Rock Album

Robert purchased a Synclavier® Digital Music System, which was the first pro-level digital audio workstation for direct-to-disk recording. Robert used his Synclavier® to forge the unique sonic footprint for the All Is Forgiven album. Back then, the only recording artists using the Synclavier® were Michael Jackson, Sting, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, and John McLaughlin.

There were other benefits, including a “no-wait” ability to record and punch in vocals. Until that time, recording vocals to analog tape was challenging, primarily because a vocalist would get cold while waiting for the tape to rewind between each take or punch-in. This no-wait luxury made a huge difference in capturing the immediacy and urgency of Kristin’s vocals–something that did not go unnoticed by fans and music critics.

A Rose By Any Other Name

After Mercury/Polygram released the Siren album, All Is Forgiven, they received notice from lawyers representing a German-based heavy metal group, also named Siren, to stop using the name, Siren.

Mercury/Polygram offered the German group $50,000 to agree to change their name. When they declined the offer, Kristin and Robert changed the group name to Red Siren. The German metal group disbanded shortly thereafter,  squandering the chance to earn far more from changing their name than they would earn during their entire career.

Thus, the All Is Forgiven album was originally printed with the name, Siren, and subsequently, with  the name, Red Siren. That’s why some of our fans own the Siren version of the CD or LP, and others own the Red Siren version of the CD or LP.

Original Group Lineup

After Kristin and Robert finished recording, mixing, and mastering with legendary mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, (Masterdisk, NY), they put together a touring group consisting of bassist Jon Brant (formerly of Cheap Trick) and drummer Gregg Potter, who played in a local Chicago band, Teenage Radiation, and jammed with guitarist Tony McAlpine.

The group toured the U.S. in support of the album, which spawned two Billboard® AOR-charting songs, All Is Forgiven (#8) and One Good Lover (#29). Their first single, All Is Forgiven, was a #1-requested song across the country in most major radio markets.

Red Siren is currently in the studio working on their next album of all original material and is planning a European live tour for 2019. Please visit this site regularly for updates.

Since 1991, Red Siren has consisted of lead vocalist, Kristin Massey, lead guitarist, Robert Haas, drummer, Gregg Potter, and bassist Dave André. Check out the band during a live performance in Chicago here: